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  • Promo Palace LLC offers musicians out there a cost-effective means of promoting their music to widen their reach worldwide. This service is online music promotion. With the help of this service, it will be easier for musicians to achieve their dreams. This is for more people to hear about their music and appreciate it and let it be recognized. The internet is now a powerful marketing tool and combined with the knowledge of the company’s staff, the quicker these musicians can reach the peak of success. Music is among the things that have a huge impact over people. It has a unique way of making people get attached even just at the first time of hearing it. However, it is still needs a great deal of promotion before it can finally reach the wider portion of audience. That is what the purpose of online music promotion is. It combines the capability of the internet to reach the audience and the ability of marketing to promote. For musicians who are after reaching the audience globally, it is recommended to take advantage of this service. One of the providers that people can rely on in this aspect is Promo Palace LLC, which is recognized as the first and largest online music promotion company in the world. Promo Palace LLC offers a range of online music promotion services. All of these are included for the purpose of helping musicians further the reach of their music and enable them to listen to it in just a few clicks. The service includes album distribution, in which the company helps in distributing albums to major distribution or retail partners and chain stores, online retailers and independent record stores. The company also does consultations that last for 30 minutes to 1 hour, helps in getting music published on CNN websites and enables meetings with leading label A&R. The team can help musicians in submitting songs to several retail locations through its retail store song submission service. The company offers a range of music promotion services that require little investment, but lead to significant results. It is with the help of the company and its services that musicians can better get the audience’s attention. Promo Palace LLC can serve as a means for musicians to achieve success in the music industry. The company is based on Fayetteville, North Carolina. What it offers is a range of marketing services that can help all those people who wish to increase their chances of succeeding online. The team only provides the highest level of quality to its clients.




Orders Start Within 3 to 4 Business Days Due to A Very High Demand For Our Services


Please Note Spotify Promo Orders Could Start within 5 to 7 Business Days Due To A Higher Demand For The Services

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