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Guaranteed Placements 300+

Guaranteed Press Release Reach 9K-16K reach

Google Inclusion
Yahoo Inclusion
Bing Inclusion
Google News Inclusion
Apple News Inclusion
Premium News Network
Featured On NBC & Affiliates
Featured On CBS & Affiliates
Featured On FOX & Affiliates
Featured On CW & Affiliates
Google News Network
Guaranteed Financial Distribution

Guaranteed Barchart Distribution

Guaranteed Marketmedia Distribution

SEO Mass Ping
Social Media Blast
Guaranteed Google Index

Host your content copy indefinitely
Promote your PR to potential target audience

Distribute PR according to your schedule's
Share a Preview of your PR with your clients or team
Get notification of publish through mail
A PDF version of the PR
Anchor text links within your PR – 4
Ad-free PR
Insert up to 5 Images
Embed YouTube
Embed Vimeo
Press Release Permanently Hosted
Social Sharing Enabled
Press Release SEO Audit
Directly display an image in your PR to give it a dramatic presentation (optimized for search engines)
Mobile Distribution
Get an online posting report that offers a list of websites that have picked your PR – popular websites like industry and demography targeted sites, news websites, major portals and other related sites that reaches millions of users



We will also advertise press release on social media which includes

Google Display Network

Estimated Reach : 9k-18k
Twitter Sponsored Promotion
Promoted Tweets provide you with a means of advertising your content and amplifying your online reach
Estimated Reach : 4k-16k
Estimated Reach : 9.0k-18k

Estimated Reach : 4.0k-8k